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Animal Quest Episode 13: Blue-tounged Skink Edition

Episode Information


January 31, 2023


Toaster Strudel


1 hour, 17 minutes

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Get to know Toast, Alveus' Blue-tounged Skink, and learn about the history of the species, deimatic display in skinks, and ovoviviparous birth. We'll also investigate the dangers they face in the wild, such as bioaccumlation and biomagnification, as well as the pet trade globally.

Each episode of Animal Quest introduces you to an ambassador at Alveus and teaches you about them as well as their species as a whole. We'll look at their importance to the world around us, the risks and misconceptions their species faces, and what we can do to help them.

Learn about more of our ambassadors and their species in other episodes of Animal Quest.

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