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Educating the World from the Web

Alveus is a virtual education center following the journeys of our non-releasable exotic ambassadors, aiming to educate and spark an appreciation for them and their wild counterparts.

What is Alveus?

Founded by Maya Higa

Alveus is a nonprofit organization founded by Maya Higa that functions as an exotic animal sanctuary and as a virtual education center facility to provide permanent homes to non-releasable exotic animals. These animals function as ambassadors, so viewers can watch their journeys, get to know the animals, and gain an appreciation for their species.

Alveus hosts content collaborations where creators can visit and participate in education programs. Combining platforms this way maximizes the impact for spreading conservation messages.

Maya Higa, holding an owl in one photo, and a falcon in the second photo

Do you want to support these animals?

Donations help Alveus carry on its mission to inspire online audiences to engage in conservation efforts while providing high-quality animal care to these ambassadors.

Siren plushie
Maya, holding all the plushies
Winnie plushie
Georgie plushie
Stompy plushie

Alveus Plushies!

Grab yourself a high-quality plushie and have your very own ambassador in your home!

All proceeds go directly into Alveus and the support & care of our educational ambassadors!

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