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Georgie the African Bullfrog


Georgie was part of an educational program at a zoo and was rehomed to Alveus.

He is an ambassador for the wildlife trade and how chytrid fungus is affecting amphibian species worldwide.


African Bullfrog

Pyxicephalus adspersus (Reptiles & Amphibians)

Conservation Status

IUCN: Least Concern with decreasing population trend

Native To

Sub-Saharan Africa (dry savanna, freshwater lakes, marshes, etc.)

Date of Birth




Arrived at Alveus

April 2021


Reptile Room

Animal Quest #4: African Bullfrog Edition

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Georgie Plush

Georgie's Highlights

Georgie's Journey At Alveus

Georgie Gets Fed By ConnorEatsPants

Georgie Poops In His New Enclosure

Georgie Actually Does A Backflip

Georgie Goes For A Swim

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