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Hank the Smokey Ghost Millipede

Hank Mr. McTrain

also: Hank The Tank Choo Choo Mr. McTrain; Mr. Conductor Man

Our smokey ghost millipede was born in captivity and ethically sourced.

He is an ambassador for the importance of invertebrates and the misconceptions they face.


Smokey Ghost Millipede

Narceus gordanus (Invertebrates)

Conservation Status

IUCN: Not Evaluated

Native To

Eastern United States

Date of Birth




Arrived at Alveus

January 2022


Critter Cave

Animal Quest #16: Millipede Edition

Learn more about Hank Mr. McTrain on Animal Quest

Hank Mr. McTrain's Highlights

Hank Says Hi To Stream

Hank Poops While Being Introduced

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