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Chat Commands at Alveus

Moderators and trusted chat members in the Alveus Sanctuary Twitch live chat can use a variety of commands to control what live cameras are shown on stream, what can be seen on each of the cameras, and what audio can be heard.


!example <required:string> [optional:number] [literal:'on'|'off'] [multiple:string...]
       | <overloaded:'up'|'down'> <values:number...>
       | []
  • !example foo
  • !example foo 10
  • !example foo 20 on
  • !example foo 30 off bar baz
  • !example up 40 50
  • !example


!ptzpan [camera:string] <angle:number>

Change relative pan position

!ptztilt [camera:string] <angle:number>

Change relative tilt position

!ptzzoom [camera:string] <zoom:number>

Change relative zoom level

!ptzset [camera:string] <pan:number> <tilt:number> <zoom:number>

Change relative pan/tilt/zoom combination

!ptzseta [camera:string] <pan:number> <tilt:number> <zoom:number> [mode:'on'|'off'] [focus:number]

Change absolute pan/tilt/zoom, control auto-focus (if supported), change absolute focus (if supported)

!ptzgetinfo [camera:string]

Get current pan/tilt/zoom, auto-focus state and focus

!ptzmove [camera:string] <direction:'up'|'down'|'left'|'right'|'upleft'|'upright'|'downleft'|'downright'>

Move in a direction

!ptzhome [camera:string]

Move to home position

!ptzspeed [camera:string] <speed:number>

Change absolute movement speed

!ptztracking [camera:string] <mode:'on'|'off'>

Control auto-tracking (if supported)

!ptzdry [camera:string]

Trigger quick dry (if supported)


!ptzir [camera:string] <mode:'on'|'off'|'auto'>

Control IR sensor/filter (if supported)

!ptzirlight [camera:string] <mode:'on'|'off'>

Control built-in IR light (if supported)


!ptzfocus [camera:string] <focus:number>

Change absolute focus (if supported)

!ptzfocusr [camera:string] <focus:number>

Change relative focus (if supported)

!ptzgetfocus [camera:string]

Get current focus (if supported)

!ptzautofocus [camera:string] <mode:'on'|'off'>

Control auto-focus (if supported)


!ptzload [camera:string] <preset:string>

Move to a preset position

!ptzsave [camera:string] <preset:string>

Save current position as a preset

!ptzremove [camera:string] <preset:string>

Remove a preset position

!ptzrename [camera:string] <old:string> <new:string>

Rename a preset position

!ptzlist [camera:string]

Get all preset positions

!ptzroam [camera:string] <seconds:number> [speed:number] <presets:string...>
       | [camera:string] <mode:'on'|'off'>

Roam between multiple preset positions


!mute <camera:string>
    | <'all'>
    | []

Mute audio for a camera

!unmute <camera:string>
      | <'all'>
      | []

Unmute audio for a camera

!getvolume <camera:string>
         | <'all'>
         | []

Get volume for a camera

!setvolume [camera:string] <volume:number>

Set volume for a camera


Reset volumes for all cameras


Mute music


Unmute music

!musicvolume <volume:number>

Set music volume


Skips music to the next song


!customcams <cameras:string...>

Set cameras to show in layout

!customcamsbig <cameras:string...>

Set cameras to show in layout, with the first being larger

!camload <preset:string>

Load a preset camera layout

!camsave <preset:string>

Save a preset camera layout


Get all preset camera layouts

!swap <camera:string> <camera:string>
    | <camera:string> <position:number>
    | <camera:string> <'blank'>
    | <position:number> <position:number>
    | <position:number> <camera:string>
    | <position:number> <'blank'>
    | []

Swap cameras within a layout

!piptl <camera:string> <camera:string>

Show two cameras, with the second picture-in-picture top-left

!piptr <camera:string> <camera:string>

Show two cameras, with the second picture-in-picture top-right

!pipbl <camera:string> <camera:string>

Show two cameras, with the second picture-in-picture bottom-left

!pipbr <camera:string> <camera:string>

Show two cameras, with the second picture-in-picture bottom-right


!resetcam <camera:string>

Reset a camera feed source


Reset the camera layout source


Reset the backpack source


Reset the phone source


Switch the stream to the BRB screen with clips


Switch the stream to the camera layout


!text <text:string>

Sets the text to be displayed on stream


Shows text on stream


Hides text on stream



Enable the wheel overlay and subscription tracking


Disable the wheel overlay and subscription tracking


Reset the wheel overlay and subscription count


Reset the wheel spin count

!setwheelcount <count:number>

Set the subscription count for the wheel

!setspins <count:number>

Set the spin count for the wheel


Alongside the custom chat bot for all the commands above, Fossabot is also used in the Twitch chat to provide a set of commands that anyone can access, providing easy access to a bunch of common information and links.

Explore Fossabot Commands


These commands will pan, tilt and zoom the respective camera to a preset view described below.

Pasture (pasture)

!ptzload pasture home 


!ptzload pasture fence 

far left fence

!ptzload pasture insidebarn 

inside barn area

!ptzload pasture backcorner 

far left fence back corner

!ptzload pasture trailer 


!ptzload pasture grove 

right of the second barn

!ptzload pasture winniespot 

winnies sleep spot next to the brush

!ptzload pasture trailerhay 

hay on the trailer

!ptzload pasture fence2 

close fence

!ptzload pasture feedstall 

floor hay

!ptzload pasture pool 

stompys pool

!ptzload pasture storm 

used during thunderstorms

!ptzload pasture thunder 

used during thunderstorms

!ptzload pasture sky 


!ptzload pasture sky2 


!ptzload pasture right 

right of pool

!ptzload pasture pole 

left of pool

!ptzload pasture feeder 

feeder drop bin

!ptzload pasture feeddrop 

floor where the feed drops

!ptzload pasture winnie 

ground where winnie sticks her head through the gate to get more food

!ptzload pasture brush 

winnies brush

!ptzload pasture poolr 

right of pool

!ptzload pasture pooll 

left of pool

!ptzload pasture barn 


!ptzload pasture barn2 

2nd barn

!ptzload pasture barn2w 

2nd barn wide

!ptzload pasture purplenest 

purple martin nest

!ptzload pasture purplebase 

base of purple martin nest

!ptzload pasture fencenear 

hay bag fence near

!ptzload pasture fencefar 

hay bag fence far

!ptzload pasture angel 

feeder but lower (winnie's begging spot)

!ptzload pasture barn2hay 

view of barn2 hay bag

!ptzload pasture fern 

the fern in the middle of the pasture

!ptzload pasture feederinspect 

look at feeder output for clogs

!ptzload pasture bughunt 

quick starting point for bug hunts

Foxes Main Camera (fox)

!ptzload fox platform 

fox platform

!ptzload fox door 

wards fox entry

!ptzload fox den 

wards fox den

!ptzload fox shade 

shade underneath platform

!ptzload fox center 

center of the fox enclosure

!ptzload fox bench 


!ptzload fox table 


!ptzload fox reed 

reeds spot on platform

!ptzload fox fenn 

fenns spot on platform

!ptzload fox platform2 

close up of platform

!ptzload fox bench2 

zoomed out view of bench

!ptzload fox left 

left side of fox enclosure

!ptzload fox hilltop 

top of den/hill

!ptzload fox hillwide 

fox hill wide

!ptzload fox hillright 

right of the hill

!ptzload fox insidedoor 

camera towards the inside fox door

!ptzload fox leftfence 

left fence of platform

!ptzload fox treehouse 

platform tree

!ptzload fox belowramp 

below platform ramp

!ptzload fox belowramp2 

below platform ramp 2

!ptzload fox kaylatraining 

kaylas training spot

!ptzload fox lindsaytraining 

lindsays training spot

!ptzload fox fennroll 

fennroll's spot

!ptzload fox hillrightw 

hill right wide

!ptzload fox belowplatform 

directly under platform

!ptzload fox down 

View straight down from the cam, below the den

Foxes Corner Camera (Wide-Angle) (foxcorner)

!ptzload foxcorner home 

zoomed out, showing the entire enclosure

!ptzload foxcorner den 

the fox den

!ptzload foxcorner table 

table close to the entry

!ptzload foxcorner hillright 

right side of hill

!ptzload foxcorner tabletop 

top of the spool on far end of main cam

!ptzload foxcorner insidedoor 

view of the door to the inside space

!ptzload foxcorner training 

Training spot by the entrace

Bonus Bugs (bb)

!ptzload bb home 

wide view of most of the enclosure

!ptzload bb topright 

top right corner

!ptzload bb backcorner 

zoomed out view of the back of log

!ptzload bb backright 

zoomed in view of the back right corner

!ptzload bb backleft 

zoomed in view of the back left corner

!ptzload bb backcenter 

zoomed in view of center

!ptzload bb a 

spot intended for use with ptzroam

!ptzload bb b 

spot intended for use with ptzroam

!ptzload bb c 

spot intended for use with ptzroam

Roaches (roaches)

!ptzload roaches home 

zoomed out view showing most of the tank

!ptzload roaches stickt 

top of the large stick they spend a lot of time on

!ptzload roaches sticktl 

top left view of the stick

!ptzload roaches stickb 

bottom of the large stick

!ptzload roaches tip 

zoomed in view of the top of the stick

!ptzload roaches down 

angle straight down

!ptzload roaches left 

wider angle of the left side of the enclosure

!ptzload roaches leftcorner 

left corner of the enclosure

Crows Indoor (crow)

!ptzload crow platform 

training platform

!ptzload crow window 

upper crow window

!ptzload crow water 

water bowl

!ptzload crow top 

upper section of the indoor space

!ptzload crow backcorner 

back corner of the upper indoor space

!ptzload crow outside 

outer enclosure

!ptzload crow home 


!ptzload crow entry 


!ptzload crow down 

down to the floor

!ptzload crow rightperch 

right perch

!ptzload crow backleftcorner 

back left corner perch

!ptzload crow crowsleep 

back perch where the crows usually sleep

!ptzload crow back 

back of the inside space

!ptzload crow hose 

the corner with the hose, not ccovered by entry

!ptzload crow table 

the folding bench by the door

Crows Outdoor (crowoutdoor)

!ptzload crowoutdoor backcorner 

right corner perch in the back

!ptzload crowoutdoor platform 

training platform

!ptzload crowoutdoor door 


!ptzload crowoutdoor bench 


!ptzload crowoutdoor water 

crows water dish

!ptzload crowoutdoor home 


!ptzload crowoutdoor corner 

corner perching

!ptzload crowoutdoor left 

left side of outdoor enclosure

!ptzload crowoutdoor right 

right of the enclosure

!ptzload crowoutdoor ground 

center of the ground

!ptzload crowoutdoor treet 

left upper tree

!ptzload crowoutdoor treeb 

left tree

!ptzload crowoutdoor tree 

the entirety of the tree

!ptzload crowoutdoor platforminside 

platform in the indoor enclosure

!ptzload crowoutdoor groundrc 

right corner floor of the outside enclosure

!ptzload crowoutdoor entry 

the door and hose

!ptzload crowoutdoor insideperch 

the inside platform and indoor back corner perch

!ptzload crowoutdoor cache 

The base of the outdoor platform where both crows cache food

!ptzload crowoutdoor table 

the folding bench by the door

!ptzload crowoutdoor groundlc 

view of both the outdoor ground left corner and the back of the inside

Marmosets Indoor (marmosetindoor)

!ptzload marmosetindoor right 

right side of the enclosure

!ptzload marmosetindoor windows 

windows in the corner

!ptzload marmosetindoor home 


!ptzload marmosetindoor flaps 

outdoor flaps

!ptzload marmosetindoor domeleft 

left most dome

!ptzload marmosetindoor domeright 

right dome

!ptzload marmosetindoor winr 

right window

!ptzload marmosetindoor left 

left side of the enclosure

!ptzload marmosetindoor winl 

left most window

!ptzload marmosetindoor bowll 

ir bowl, left of the flaps

!ptzload marmosetindoor center 

center the cam

!ptzload marmosetindoor bridger 

right rope bridge

!ptzload marmosetindoor bridgel 

left rope bridge

!ptzload marmosetindoor bridgec 

above door bridge

!ptzload marmosetindoor win1 

left most window

!ptzload marmosetindoor win2 

second window from the left

!ptzload marmosetindoor win3 

third window

!ptzload marmosetindoor win4 

right most window

!ptzload marmosetindoor down 

down to the floor

!ptzload marmosetindoor table 

marms table

!ptzload marmosetindoor cornershelf 

far corner shelf

Marmosets Outdoor (marmoset)

!ptzload marmoset flaps 

ir flaps (doors)

!ptzload marmoset domes 

outdoor domes

!ptzload marmoset platformleft 

left platform

!ptzload marmoset platformright 

right platform

!ptzload marmoset backdoor 

back door leading to indoor enclosure

!ptzload marmoset frontdoor 

entryway of the outdoor enclosure

!ptzload marmoset ir 

ir light

!ptzload marmoset below 

straight down to the ground

!ptzload marmoset tire 

platform near the tire

!ptzload marmoset home 


!ptzload marmoset hose 


!ptzload marmoset topshelfl 

platform above the domes

!ptzload marmoset bottomshelfl 

platform below the domes

!ptzload marmoset right 

right side of the outdoor enclosure

!ptzload marmoset table 

training table

!ptzload marmoset top 

top right platform area near the flaps

!ptzload marmoset banan 

banan the banana tree

!ptzload marmoset bottomshelfr 

an to bottom left shelf

!ptzload marmoset topshelfr 

top left shelf

!ptzload marmoset rightpostb 

bottom right post platform

!ptzload marmoset chins 

top of the left post platform

!ptzload marmoset rightshelves 

shelves to the right (left of door)

!ptzload marmoset rightshelveslow 

shelves to the right low

!ptzload marmoset leftpostshelves 

shelves beneath the left platform

!ptzload marmoset rightshelvest 

Top of the right shelves

Parrots (parrots)

!ptzload parrots home 


!ptzload parrots door 

entryway of the enclosure

!ptzload parrots abovedoor 

upper entryway of the enclosure

!ptzload parrots littles 

littles tree

!ptzload parrots littlesw 

littles indoor window

!ptzload parrots littlest 

upper littles tree

!ptzload parrots littlesbowl 

littles water dish

!ptzload parrots littlesplatform 

littles training platform

!ptzload parrots littles2 

left littles branches

!ptzload parrots littles2top 

upper left branches

!ptzload parrots littles2bottom 

lower left branches

!ptzload parrots macaws 

macaws tree

!ptzload parrots macawsw 

macaws window

!ptzload parrots macawst 

upper macaws tree

!ptzload parrots macawsb 

lower macaws tree

!ptzload parrots macawsbowl 

macaws water dish

!ptzload parrots macawsplatform 

macaws training platform

!ptzload parrots littlessleep 

littles sleep spot

!ptzload parrots bothwindows 

both macaws and littles windows

!ptzload parrots littlestablet 

littles tablet

!ptzload parrots macaws2 

second angle of macaws tree

!ptzload parrots macaws2bowl 

second macaws water dish

!ptzload parrots parrotsw 

wide view of both windows

!ptzload parrots littlesoutside 

Both little trees

!ptzload parrots littles2middle 

the middle branch of the little2 tree

!ptzload parrots floor 

Wide view of the floor of the nclosure (for mouse hunting

!ptzload parrots platform 

alternative view of littlesplatform

!ptzload parrots training 

right fence under the littles2 perching where the chickens hang

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