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Alveus Staff

The staff at Alveus all work at our facility in Texas, providing care to our animal ambassadors on a daily basis, cleaning enclosures and maintaining the property, and ensuring we can provide the best online education experience for livestream viewers.

Watch the video to meet some of the team and discover what they do at Alveus in their jobs, or read on to learn more about each of them.

  • Connor O'Brien

    Director of Operations

    Connor has volunteered and worked for many wildlife organizations, most notably the American Eagle Foundation and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. He has taken his love of conservation and technology, combined it, and started helping many conservation organizations around the country develop and scale large conservation projects.

    There is no better place to utilize technology for conservation than Alveus. Connor believes Alveus will set the standard for online education and drive significant impact and reach for conservation education online.

  • Kayla Jackson

    Director of Animal Care & Training

    Kayla graduated from college with a degree in biology and a desire to see the world. Her travels eventually found her in Alaska, where she realized that animal care and conservation was a cause worth staying for. Since Alaska, she has traveled to Nepal where she developed an unparalleled love and respect for vultures. That interest in birds of prey took her to Tennessee and the American Eagle Foundation, where training became her primary interest and passion. While she specializes in caring for and training birds of prey, Kayla is dedicated to and eager to learn about any species she can. She believes training is an integral part of animal welfare and is excited to build relationships with the Alveus ambassadors to showcase their personalities and inspire dedication to their wild counterparts across an ever-growing online audience.

  • Ella Rocks

    Animal Care Coordinator

    Ella started volunteering at a local wildlife rehabilitation center during high school. After a year of volunteering, she began working at the center as a wildlife care coordinator. As part of her job, Ella communicated with the public when they found potentially injured, ill or orphaned wildlife. She came to realize how important the education part of her job was so that people would know what they can do for their local wildlife and when to leave them alone. Ella and Maya met at the wildlife rehabilitation center and started an ambassador training program after the center received two imprinted non releasable American crows. Working with the ambassadors sparked in her an interest in animal behavior and training. That interest carries on into her work at Alveus where she looks forward to seeing the ambassadors assist in educating audiences on what they can do for their wild counterparts.

  • Lindsay Bellaw

    Animal Care Coordinator

    Lindsay graduated college with her Aquatic Biology degree, and her Master's in Conservation of Marine Predators and Coral Reef Conservation and Aquaculture. She always knew animals were her passion, and loves to travel as much as she can. This brought her to American Eagle Foundation where she grew a love for birds of prey. Meeting new people, it also took her to Alaska and the Midwest to work with a variety of birds. Since moving to Texas, she has grown to love all sorts of animals and loves to learn about them and tell anyone who will listen about them!

  • Sruti Jamalapuram

    Animal Care Coordinator

    Sruti graduated with a degree in Wildlife Sciences and a Master's in Biology with a focus on Animal Behavior. As a young volunteer at her local zoo, Sruti was fortunate to realize her passion for animal behavior, conservation, and environmental education. This passion translated to jobs all over the world, participating in field research and education. That trend continued when she moved to Michigan and served as the Mammal Curator for The Creature Conservancy. This opportunity channeled her interest in behavior into training, where she trained with animals both big and small for fear-free veterinary care, educational programs, and mental well-being. To further improve her training skills, Sruti studied and worked with K9 Turbo Training to obtain her certification in professional dog training. She specializes in fear and aggression and loves working with families to create a training environment that is supportive, engaging, and fun for everyone!

    Building relationships with animals, continuing that relationship through time and training, and sharing that experience with others brings her a lot of joy - she is excited to do that alongside the Alveus community!

  • Nick


    I'm the neighbor.

  • SpaceVoyage

    Production Tech

    Space graduated with a degree in computer science and engineering, and puts that to use at Alveus, being responsible for all the live broadcasts. When he's not operating cameras and mixing streams, he maintains all the software logic that allows chat moderators to control the livestream layout and camera positions, as well as building one-off automations to support events that we host.

    Space started out working remotely for Maya and Alveus, behind-the-scenes making sure that everything was working flawlessly. He has since moved to Texas to work on-site at Alveus as an employee, ensuring you get the best viewing experience possible for our educational content.

The Alveus team is more than just our on-site staff. We have a number of folks who help us out remotely with a variety of tasks, from social media management to development.

Flip (@Station3Media)

Videographer / Photographer

Dion (@Dionysus1911)

Illustrator / Animator

Danny (@DannyDV)

Post Production Manager

Max (@maxzillajr)

Video Editor

Mik (@Mik_MWP)

Social Media Manager

Abdullah (@AbdullahMorrison)

Open-Source Developer (Twitch Extension)

Paul (@pjeweb)

Open-Source Developer (Website)

Matt (@MattIPv4)

Open-Source Developer (Website)

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