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2021 Annual Report

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Viewer Demographics

Alveus has the unique ability to reach viewers across the world virtually. While educating primarily U.S. viewers, our reach is gradually expanding worldwide.

Twitch's user demographic is 41% ages 16-24 and 32% ages 25-34. With Twitch being our main platform, we have the opportunity to reach an audience of budding consumers. This next generation will determine the future for our planet.

Alveus has been steadily growing platforms across all social media. With larger followings, we are able to educate a wider and more diverse online audience.

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Financial Report

In 2021, Alveus raised a total of $763,380 USD due to generous support in the form of donations. Alveus had a total of $144,411.80 in expenses in 2021. An additional $297,197.17 was dedicated to enclosures and infrastructure.

Note: 2022 financials have not yet been released at this time. A 2022 report will be created and released in 2023.

In 2021, the majority (67.30%) of funds were dedicated to development of the facility. This included fencing, enclosure builds, interior renovations of buildings, and more. Operating expenses included the salary of one staff member (Ella Rocks, Animal Care Coordinator) in addition to general animal care costs.


Continuing Our Mission

The mission of Alveus is to inspire online audiences to engage in conservation efforts. We do this by nurturing a connection between viewers and our animal ambassadors so that they learn to care about their species.

With your continued support, we are able to remain a powerful force for conservation while providing enriched and comfortable lives for our animal ambassadors.

Thank you.

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