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Caption: polyphemus moth
Jess and Al
Jess and Al


Me and my boyfriend are avid watchers of your channel and we support what you do with alveus! Here are a few pictures of insects/animals we come across here in florida. I’ve also linked a video of a snake in the wild feeding on a frog:(. And also another video a type of hawk maybe? (btw i hope the videos linked correctly or else this would be embarrassing:/ )

Title: IMG_0809

I haven’t seen birds of prey in my neighborhood ever, and this bird has been flying around for the past month or so. Very cool!

Title: birb2

While on a walk with my boyfriend, we spotted this owl that had flown onto a street sign. Took a couple of pictures but not sure what kind of owl it is. It was cool to see it so close up, very pretty! 


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Hi!!!! I rarely join stream but just thought I’d share more domestic animal stuff! I’ve been training dogs unprofessionally for about three years in high school and decided I wanted to become a certified trainer! Maya really helped me want to go to school just seeing how important it was to her. I absolutely love dogs and the dog industry. I know this page is more about wildlife but I cannot emphasize how important it is to buy and adopt your dogs and other pets responsibly, do your research!!! The photos are of me and my psa dog, Sett, doing some bitey things and of some of the dogs I’m working with. Thank you Maya for everything you do for the animal industry!

Title: IMG_3475

The little guy in the pics was being attacked by a roaming cat a few days ago and had been injured (toes on both back legs missing). Managed to get the cat away and wasn’t sure what to do with the frog, I read that you’re just meant to set it somewhere and hope for the best. But I learned quite quickly that it couldn’t climb anymore. We have a large tank so we set up a temporary home in there (plant, water tub, UV light, and we mist often to maintain humidity levels) Though I know it’s not perfect. 

If you have any advise please do let me know, if it’s best to release I will do so. Just didn’t want the cat to get it again before it had a chance to recover.

We have dubbed the frog ‘Flynn’ 

Hi Maya, I’m back for more. I posted previously showing off some of the animals the wildlife center I work for had taken in. We do rehab black bears, but only cubs! We are licensed to rehab almost every animal native to northern California except mountain lions, deer/elk, and adult bears. So the bear picture I included in the first post was taken only a short time before our bears were released in spring of 2022.  I included a link to a YouTube video that shows their journey to release. I wasn’t working there at the time but we might get more cubs this year. Thank you again for all the hard work you do with Alveus!

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Title: Red-bellied Woodpeckers

I started out with a plastic window feeder and I got bluejays. After getting a bigger feeder along side it i started discovering more birds! Ive seen woodpeckers, mockingbirds, cardinals, bluejays, blackbirds, red-winged blackbird, and a new one I spotted today and need to look into what it is. 

Thought I would show a little appreciation to everyone’s favorite frog 🙂

Title: Dmitri

I started working at the Philadelphia Zoo in late September after being a member since 2014 and regularly visiting. I’m big into photography and I’ve easily taken over 5,000+ photos at the Philly Zoo alone, plus more at other zoos I’ve visited. I work in guest engagement so I don’t work with the animals but I hope one day I get to do that. Here are some photos of the animals 🙂

Title: katydid1

went into my kitchen and saw this lil guy hanging from the roof. asked chat what he was and they said he was a katydid so i guess thats what he is idk 🙂 had to move him outside before my dogs ate him :(… also katy did what?

On the date of January 24th, 2023, and the weeks prior, a rodent was witnessed on camera stealing hay from the pasture. Thanks to the work of our detectives we have managed to identify the perpetrator.

he is considered armed and dangerous.

Went to the zoo with my gf and saw so many cool animals!! The koala had a baby, the giraffes were swinging their necks at each other, and we saw Przewalski horses! They’re the last truly wild horses left. At some point there weren’t any left in the wild but they’re being reintroduced in some sites 🙂

Title: 20230120_002945

Someone from Painted Dog Conservation gave a talk today and brought these art pieces.

They are made from snares which the locals use to catch meat, since they have no other income. Painted dogs suffer greatly from these snares as they also trap and kill them. The rangers remove those snares and hire locals to create artpieces from the wires, like this one. That way, locals also have a new source of income.
They sell these art pieces at events and at some zoos, to fund protective collars for the alpha dogs to wear. 
The death rate of snared dogs go from 85% down to 15% thanks to the collars.

Now I have a cool addition to my bookshelf, which is an amazing piece to eduacate people with.


I visited this zoo last year, and I loved it so much because of how much they push conservation education. They are also located right across from a school, which seems to take frequent field trips there, teaching the kids.

I love that they also have many species that you don’t often get to learn about in zoos (Bush dogs, screamers, peccaries, rhea etc.) Really regret not taking more pictures 🙁

I recently learned they also do some work in condor conservation!

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Ani (aka: bigkidtable in chat)
Ani (aka: bigkidtable in chat)

Hey Maya, it’s the girl who painted your nut house mural. wazzup. Just wanted to contribute to the show n tell with this recent cool news of a mexican grey wolf spotted near the town where ill be going to school for my bio degree!

attached is a video about it below<3
Title: IMG_0742

Every couple of years, we go on a family vacation to St. Simon’s Island, GA. While there, we always make sure to visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island. The center rescues and rehabilitates injured sea turtles while offering educational tours and exhibits to visitors. The last time we visited, the enrichment they had for the turtles in their tanks stuck out to me. I hadn’t thought much of it the first time I visited, but after watching Alveus streams, I understood the importance of enrichment for the turtles and noticed the usage of different items in their tanks.

If you’re ever in the area, I’d recommend stopping by to support their efforts! Get well soon, sea turtles. 🙂

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