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Show and Tell

Community submissions of their conservation and wildlife related activities. If you would like to submit your own story, please head to the submission page.

Hedgehog digging for some food

by BenJune 2, 2023

Hello everyone :)

I found this little guy digging around in my garden tonight. Hedgehogs are pretty common in Europe, but since they don't live in NA, I thought it'd cool to post him.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of roadkill hedgehogs this time of the year, because like Patchie, they roll into a ball instead of running away when in danger and eventhough their spikes are an excellent defensive machanismn against predators, it doesn't help against a car wheel. Makes me kinda sad :( anyways this guy was very happy in my garden

Maya helped me get an internship:)

by RhinofriendMay 25, 2023

I worked w animals at a wildlife rehab center growing up, but it wasn't until I started watching Alveus my freshman yr of college that I realized working in conservation was not only possible, but what I wanted to do! From Maya, I learned that besides majoring in it, the best way to get involved in animal science is to get literally any experience with animals. This led me to land community outreach internship last yr at a major animal shelter in the city I live in! I used talking points I learned watching Alveus in my interview. It's not wildlife conservation and as I'm now a senior I can't change my major from business, but I never would've gotten the internship w/o Maya and Alveus<3

Little guy!

by AnonymousMay 22, 2023

I have a phobia of bugs but I found this dude and held him! :D Love the Alveus bug streams, I used to not be able to look when you brought out the roaches but now they're my favorite ambassador! :)

Went on a cool hike

by GroovyPlsMay 21, 2023

Went on a hike to Lake Mineral Wells State Park for my geoscience class, would def go again.


by averiMay 20, 2023

found 7 of these little guys while doing some yard work. i have no idea what kind of slugs they are. my best guess is a banana slug, yellow garden slug, or a marsh slug maybe? google wasn’t very helpful with the search phrase “slugs that look like pickles in texas” lol. i named them mr. pickles, mrs. pickles, dill, gherkin, bread, butter, and sweetie :) pictured are bread and butter and sweetie

beedul tattoo

by juicy tomatoMay 18, 2023

ive always loved beetles all my life, even when i was a kid i used to play w the little flour "pest" beetles you find in raw rice and wheat and i finally got a tattoo! its a goliath beetle and fun fact its back is red and it can grow as big as a palm

Animal Care Internship

by Admiral ChipMay 17, 2023

I haven't been able to catch stream in a while because I started my animal care internship! It's been great so far and if anyone in chat is wondering its about 30% doing dishes, 25% cleaning enclosures, 30% food prep, and the last 15% is whatever gets suddenly thrown at you that day. I have a few pictures from my old iphone so the quality isnt good. I wasnt able to get any pictures of the rihno hornbills which are my favorite animals there but I'll get them along with the giraffes in a later post! I have only Alveus staff and of course Maya to thank for being the final thing that made me want to chase my dreams instead of a boring old office job. Shoutout Connor he's now a steller sea eagle.


by MoMay 16, 2023

We have 3 pet bunnies, Oreo the mini angora is our eldest at 6, and then Rosemary and Sam are litter mates and are only 8 months old. Sam and Rose are a mix between a giant angora and a mini lop. The two babies got neutered and spayed recently to reduce fighting and lower Rosemary’s chance of developing cancer. We love our buns. (They are indoor exclusive at the moment because they need to get their vaccinations up to date before they can go in an outdoor enclosure)

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