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Show and Tell

See what the Alveus community has been up to as they share their conservation and wildlife-related activities.

Been up to something yourself? Share your own activities via the submission page.

1,001 members of the Alveus community have shared their activities with 1,363 posts.

As a community, we're tracking the hours we spend giving back to the planet, originally as part of WWF's Give an Hour initiative.

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Pics from Northern MI :)

by rhinofriendJuly 12, 2024Gave 6 Hours for Earth

Here are some photos from my trip up north for the Fourth of July! First ones are from Oden fish hatchery, which had fish food you could feed for 25¢ and a real steam engine you can go inside that transported fish in jars before we had planes! Other pics are pretty sunsets:-) love northern mi

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by AllieJuly 2, 2024Gave 5 Hours for Earth

Me and some friends went hiking two Mondays in a row. Here are a few pics i took.

On the 24th my mom went with us and a fox appeared and came towards us (we were in its way) so she threw a rock closer to it to scare it off. (disclaimer for the video)

[mod comment: old post, but yt video works now!]

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Bird sanctuary, bunny cafe, nature walks and a lot of volunteering

by CatonascreenJuly 12, 2024Gave 5 Hours for Earth

First time submitter shimmy! Hi :)

Recently decided to touch grass and went to a local bird sanctuary, a rescue bunny cafe (mentioned by someone in the last PO box), nature walks while picking up trash, and I've been volunteering at my local SPCA for a few years now.

Go Earth!

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Beach walk

by Amy (londonbrolly)July 12, 2024Gave 2 Hours for Earth

The beach is always extra messy right after the Fourth of July! Also, I painted some summer themed nails, fireflies, and ladybugs.

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Chincoteague creatures and critters!

by Annika (pronounced on-ick-uh)July 11, 2024Gave 5 Hours for Earth

I went to Chincoteague with my boyfriend and his family over the week of the 4th and spent sooooo much time outside! of course I was bitten by many mosquitos, but the wildlife and plant life made it so worth it. lots of bike rides, hikes, and porch time watching birds!

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Hurricane Prep and Opossum Road Trip with SPCA

by phoenickesJuly 11, 2024Gave 7 Hours for Earth

On Sunday I helped move farm animals into the barn and prepare for Hurricane Beryl. After the storm I helped relocate a ton of opossums and doves to an animal rescue in Central Texas to make room for animals taken in after the storm, including like 30 opossums who will be released this weekend.

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Trip to Idaho!

by SarahJuly 11, 2024Gave 2 Hours for Earth

I went to Idaho to visit family and spent a lot of time in nature. I also went to the Boise Zoo (AZA approved) they are currently redoing their enclosures to benefit the ambassadors more! I got to feed a sloth bear and doats:)


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