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Show and Tell

Community submissions of their conservation and wildlife related activities. If you would like to submit your own story, please head to the submission page.

Went to the new Aquarium at the Kansas City Zoo

by Dohregard β€” November 4, 2023


I took some pictures at the Kansas City Zoo's new aquarium. The aquarium, penguin enclosure, and a bunch of other exhibits are "LEED Certified" buildings so I guess it's super energy efficient and stuff which is kinda coolge.

hope you like my pictures!

Here's all of the pictures from that day:


Volunteering at an animal sanctuary!

by Sarah :) β€” November 1, 2023

I don't have many good pictures as I was pretty busy but I got to help out at this sanctuary! It was a cool experience and I learned that I apparently have the magic touch with pigs lol. Also, I just want to thank everyone at Alveus for inspiring me to pursue my passion for conservation and the environment (just ended up swapping my major to environmental science :o ). Seriously, what you're doing is so cool and it makes me excited for what the future of conservation education can look like!


by 🦎 β€” October 15, 2023

Trip to the National Aviary

by :) β€” October 14, 2023

Joro Spiders

by Roook β€” October 8, 2023

I took this picture of a Joro spider in my backyard. They're an invasive species to Georgia from East Asia but are relatively harmless. They just build huge webs and eat bugs.

A Big Bug Friend!

by Jules M. β€” October 4, 2023

Found a friend near the (covered!) hot tub at my parents house on Sept. 22nd 2023. I found this friend while wearing my Alveus hoodie! I love every animal and bug and was very excited to meet a new lil guy :)

Stompy art! (and a thank you message)

by AJ β€” October 4, 2023

I have genuinely started think about pursuing conservation education in my future, either hands on or being and artist for posts or organisations etc. I really look up to all the staff at Alveus. Special thanks to Dion, your animation for the Gala for Good was what really got me thinking. Also i painted stompy for my art school assignment. (Painted with Himi gouache paints)

This is Tiny the Moo

by Ellie (HeyEllz) β€” October 3, 2023

She’s the best moo at the Phoenix Zoo!

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