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Show and Tell

See what the Alveus community has been up to as they share their conservation and wildlife-related activities.

Been up to something yourself? Share your own activities via the submission page.

As a community, we're tracking the hours we spend giving back to the planet, as part of WWF's Give an Hour initiative.

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24 hours target

birds on Galveston Island

by Big McLargeHugeApril 10, 2024Gave 1 Hour for Earth

Spending a week alone on Galveston Island relaxing, and I thought I'd capture some photos of the avian wildlife flourishing here. Mostly laughing gulls but quite a few other species are here. I was hoping to see the terns because they're here for mating season but I haven't seen them (though I have seen laughing gulls mating, I do *not* have photos or video of that). My labels for the different birds may be wrong, I got outside help and I have bird-face blindness. :)

Mom's Backyard

by BenKelseyApril 11, 2024Gave 30 Hours for Earth

I visited my Mom for the first time since she moved to Arkansas and I got to experience the Solar Eclipse in totality while also seeing lots of birds that frequent the area.

One fun fact I was surprised to learn is that the Brown-Headed Cowbird is North America's most common Brood Parasite, I never even knew what that was until after looking up the bird.

Trash pick up around local lake

by NaplordApril 9, 2024Gave 2 Hours for Earth

I've been wanting to do trash pick up around a local lake since Maya did that stream where she picked up trash and talked about amphibians (love Georgie <3), and I finally did it! We made a family outing of it (me, my partner, and our dog), and there was honestly so much trash out there, it was sad, but we were happy to do a small part in making a difference for the wild frogs and other animals out there. Thanks for inspiring us all Maya, your impact is so much bigger than you know.

went to an aquarium in Branson

by DohregardApril 9, 2024Gave 1 Hour for Earth

I stopped by "Aquarium at the Boardwalk" in Branson, Missouri on my way home from the eclipse. There were some really cool fish and anemones and an injured sea turtle who has the heart of a champion.

Trash, trash and more trash!

by ChipotlePartyApril 9, 2024Gave 4 Hours for Earth

Snow has finally melted in Montreal after the last snow storm we had on April 4th. Spring time always rhyme with trash being freed from their ice prison. I do not own a car so I tried to do some good in my neighborhood and went next to the community garden near my apartment. There was a lot of work, I think I spent at least an hour picking up little bits of a thin blue plastic that had flown everywhere. The pictures I took aren't the most beautiful thing anyone has ever seen, but I thought they were a little interesting!

I have been struggling on my sickness leave from work and I finally feel like I was useful and did some good around me. Happy Earth Month everybody <3

Cleaning my community

by pintoApril 9, 2024Gave 3 Hours for Earth

Hello everybody, I took part in a cleaning campaign called Clean FFM, it’s purpose was to clean the city, as the name already suggests, but also help raise awareness about toxic trash, like cigarette stubs. I had to call it a day after three hours of work but I’m motivated to come back and clean the rest I didn’t manage that day. My bottle count was relatively small in comparison to Maya but the amount of small plastic wrappers from candy and the likes was maddening.

PS sorry for the photo dump


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